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Sewer and Drain Lining 

The authority on trenchless plumbing services

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Using the latest epoxy lining equipment combined with years of experience has placed our company in a position to provide the most thorough and satisfactory sewer and drain lining services in Monroe, Wayne, and Ontario county. Underground Pipe Co. is able to replace almost all damaged pipes without digging. Whether it's tree roots, collapsed pipe, deteriorated cast iron, or holes in your pipe, Underground Pipe Co. is ready to permanently fix your issue. You don't have time to deal with clogged drains, so call us today and find peace of mind.

Who needs sewer lining?

Sewer and drain lining is primarily for customers who are tied into public sewer systems. For example, most of the liners we install are in older municipal districts such as the City of Canandaigua, the village of Fairport, or Brighton, NY. The infrastructure that is underground was installed seventy to ninety years ago and is beginning to fail. There are literally thousands homes with clay sewer pipe with tree root intrusion.

The Process:

The process for which we install liners and replace old or broken sewer lines is extremely efficient. The first stage consists of cleaning and preparing the existing drain line. This can include cutting out roots, descaling, and jetting the sewer line. Afterwards measurements are taken, the liner built, and the epoxy is mixed. The resin is then poured into the new liner material, wound up inside an inversion drum, and installed from a basement or a lawn cleanout. After it is finished curing, the final result is a brand new, smooth, transitionless pipe that extends from a basement all the way into the middle of the street. No excavation or digging is required, and basement penetrations are minimal, if needed at all. 


Blue Light Curing System

Blue Light Curing System
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Replace Sewer and Drain lines from your basement out to the street in as little as 30 minutes with trenchless CIPP UV lining!

Our Blue Light epoxy curing system for sewer liners has truly leveled up our lining installations. Previously we could replace a sewer line in a heat assist application in anywhere from 3 to 8 hours depending on length and the size of the pipe. With our new system, we can replace entire sewer lines in under 30 minutes. This greatly improves efficiency in our company and reduces downtime for customers who cannot use sewer while we are installing the liners. The blue light resin and lighting are extremely similar to what is used in the dentistry field to fill cavities in teeth. The epoxy instantly cures the moment the wavelength of blue light shines on it.

Another benefit of the Blue Light system is being able to see the liner before it is cured. This means we are removing any chance of having a failed liner installation. It also helps with unforeseen things that can happen during sewer and drain lining. As of today (10/4/2021) we have a 100% success rate with every Blue Light cured liner we have installed. 

The final perk of the Blue Light curing system is portability. The components needed to use this system are minimal and fit in very small areas. The entire system runs off of air and electric. This makes difficult or technical shots that have limited spacing easier with its compact design. 

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