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Underground Pipe Co. has been repairing and replacing sewers in commercial and residential markets in Rochester, NY for over a year now! Many of our customers are referrals from local plumbers that need our specific pipe relining services. We have replaced several thousand feet of old sewer and drain line without any excavation or demolition. There has never been a better time to replace your sewer and drain lines than now thanks to our specialized CIPP equipment.

What is CIPP?

CIPP stands for Cured in Place Pipe. This is the process of cleaning an existing pipe, and then installing a new pipe INSIDE the old pipe. The benefits of this method of pipe repair and replacement are numerous. Here are several reason why CIPP is the preferred method of pipe replacement in Rochester, NY:

  • Trenchless (No Dig): Liners are generally installed from a cleanout in a basement with virtually no excavation or demolition. We are able to replace the sewer or drain line out to the middle of the street without disturbing grass, landscapes, concrete, driveways, etc. The only way to tell that we were onsite replacing your sewer line is because we left a sign in your front lawn! (Thus the Pipe Ninja brand idea) We also never leave behind a mess. 

  • Time SavingsHow much time does it take to excavate, replace your sewage pipe, backfill with stone, get inspections, backfill again, and then come back a month later for lawn restoration? Our UV lining system is able to provide the same results 400% faster than traditional plumbing methods. This means you can have your new sewer line installed and ready for use in a single afternoon. 0% stress guaranteed!

  • Cost SavingsWhile not inexpensive, trenchless pipe replacement is still generally more cost effective than traditional excavation methods. Depending on local code requirements, many sewer replacement jobs can cost well over $10,000. We are able to provide the same finished product while avoiding the expensive restoration costs associated with traditional pipe replacement methods. 

  • Upfront PricingTrenchless pipe lining is generally very straightforward when it comes to pricing. When we video inspect your sewer or drain lines, we are able to determine an exact cost and stick with that cost. There will almost never be expected price increases due to unforeseen circumstances. This can be the exact opposite with excavation methods. If a contractor begins digging and hits another utility (water line, gutter conductors) it can very quickly escalate your final price. Rochester often has water and sewer lines in close proximity and complicates traditional pipe replacement methods. CIPP is the preferred method for cost savings. 

  • Damaging Trees and Tree RootsMany sewer and drain lines end up getting clogged by tree roots. About 60% of sewer lines in the Rochester area have tree root intrusion. This is especially true in historic areas with high concentrations of mature trees such as Brighton, NY. This causes yearly sewer backups and drain clogs for homeowners. The only permanent solution for root intrusion is to replace the sewer line. With traditional excavation methods, tree roots will end up being damaged in the digging process. This can cause stress on the tree and ultimately kill the tree if too much of the root system is damaged during digging. Lining is the preferred method again in this situation as there is no damage to the root system of the tree. The roots also cannot grow into a sewer liner. So instead of cutting down or damaging a beautiful tree, consider hiring Rochester's trenchless sewer and drain replacement experts at Underground Pipe Co.

  • Full ReplacementIf you call a contractor to replace your old problematic sewer line, rarely will they end up replacing the pipe from under your basement floor to the street. There will generally be some section of sewer line that remains unreplaced due to the difficulty of trying to excavate through the footing of a house. With our trenchless lining methods, we are able to replace the pipe from under your basement floor, out to the middle of the street. The entire pipe is replaced under floors, footings, and streets. We aim for full sewer and drain line replacement whenever possible. 

Trenchless Pipe Repair How To

Why choose Underground Pipe Co.?

There are other companies that provide trenchless pipe repair services in Rochester, NY. What separates us from other companies? We are a local family owned business that strives to maintain an incredible reputation and relationship with our customers and municipalities. An owner is on every single job, every single time. Underground Pipe Co. also utilizes the most advanced lining technology available. Our recently upgraded UV curing system has enabled us to achieve a perfect lining record. This makes life better for both the customer and us! Even with our recent upgrades, Underground Pipe Co. is still able to offer the most competitive pricing in the Rochester plumbing market. Our wide array of equipment allows us to properly install trenchless sewer and drain liners without having to cut corners. For your next sewer repair or replacement, please consider calling Rochester's trenchless pipe rehabilitation specialists at Underground Pipe Co. 

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Thank you to all our customers for making us the top provider of trenchless sewer and drain replacement services in the Rochester area! From Brighton to Pittsford, and Fairport to Henrietta, we want to extend our gratitude to you. We truly appreciate your business and the kind reviews you left us this year!


For an incredible customer experience, contact Underground Pipe Co. today!

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