Rochester Trenchless
Sewer Repair

We are proud to bring our groundbreaking trenchless sewer repair solutions to the greater Rochester area. Say goodbye to traditional, disruptive excavation methods and embrace our innovative, less invasive approach for both residential and commercial properties.

Rochester Needs Trenchless.

Rochester's distinct seasons, from our lush springs and hot summers to our colorful falls and snowy winters, pose unique challenges to sewer and pipe maintenance. Traditional excavation methods can be especially disruptive due to our varying weather conditions and the potential for damaging well-maintained landscapes or historical property foundations prevalent throughout our region.

Trenchless sewer repair presents a solution that's not only quick and effective but also preserves the beauty and integrity of our local environment.

Services Built For Flower City

Underground Pipe Co. has tailored our sewer repair services around the unique needs of our city. From the historic homes of East Avenue to the serene parks that dot our cityscape, our no-dig solutions are designed to ensure that Rochester's charm remains undisturbed.

Trenchless Sewer Lining

This service involves inserting a new, durable liner into your existing sewer line, effectively repairing cracks, leaks, and other damage without the need for excavation. It's an ideal solution for the older, tree-lined neighborhoods of Rochester, ensuring minimal disruption to your property and the surrounding area.

Trenchless Pipe Bursting

For sewer lines that require replacement, our pipe bursting method allows us to replace old pipes with new ones without digging up your yard. This technique is particularly beneficial in urban areas of Rochester, where space and access can be limited, and preserving landscaping is a priority.

Sewer Camera Inspection

Before we begin any repair, we utilize state-of-the-art camera technology to inspect your sewer lines. This step ensures that we fully understand the issue and choose the most effective repair method, all while keeping the process transparent with our Rochester clients.

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