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Sewer Camera Video Inspection

Fast, Affordable, Reliable

Lateral cameras are the most valuable tools our company has ever purchased. We provide in depth and highly diagnostic sewer video inspection services. This results in getting our customers the right information and the best solution for problematic sewer and drain lines. High quality imaging and precise locating equipment have positioned Underground Pipe Co. to be the top provider of sewer camera services. Many sewer emergencies have been resolved with this service.


Video inspections most commonly reveal pipes in fair to poor condition, and range from cast iron, clay tile, asbestos concrete, PVC, and orangeburg pipe. A video inspection can generally be performed by entering a cleanout in a lawn or basement. Occasionally when this is not available a toilet is removed to gain access to the drain. This process is normally done in under 20 minutes. A recording of the sewer line is always saved and available for the customer upon request. Sewage camera services are clean, easy, and mess free for the customer. Most of all they are affordable. For less than $200, someone can find out the exact condition of one of the most important utilities in their house, and prevent a costly sewer backup. Avoid your next sewer emergency and schedule an inspection today!

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