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We received a call about a sewer emergency...

Customer in Fairport, NY chose to install a liner for a tree root-clogged sanitary line, avoiding future issues and tree removal, ensuring peace of mind for 50 years.

Matt Porretta
CEO, Underground Pipe Co.

One of our customers who owns a duplex rental property in Fairport, NY called us about a clogged sanitary line. The lateral from the house was filled with tree roots in multiple joints. Instead of waiting for the line to clog again (and ruin his furnace and hot water heater), he opted for a liner to be installed. We cut, cleaned, and flushed the clay pipe, and installed his new liner from the basement out to the middle of the street. There was no digging involved, and no tree removal necessary.

Now he has one less thing to worry about for the next 50 years. Can anyone put a price on peace of mind?

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