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Surgically removing a blockage from a sewer line

Used no-dig technology to retrieve a cleanout plug in Canandaigua, NY, avoiding excavation.

Matt Porretta
CEO, Underground Pipe Co.

We removed a foreign object from a residential sewer line in Canandaigua, NY.A customer called us and had accidently dropped a 3" cleanout plug down his 4" sewer line. They tried snaking and pushing it down the line, but were unsuccessful. I was asked for a price on digging down to the pipe, cutting the section out that contained the 3" cap, and installing a cleanout in its' place. I asked if he would allow me to use some of our specialized equipment to retrieve the foreign object. He was content to allow us to give it a shot. I used a Picote "Grabber" tool, combined with our lateral camera. We were able successfully retrieve the cap and prevent unnecessary excavation. This is where no dig technology truly shines. Having the right tool for the job paid off today!

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