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Replacing drains in Rochester, NY

Lately Underground Pipe Co. has been replacing various old sewer and drain lines in and around the city of Rochester. There are many historic homes and sites that have outdated, unsafe, and failing infrastructure. These situations can be difficult to address. For instance, how do you update the failing sewer system in a historic home without disrupting 200 year old Italian masonry work? In this article, we will discuss this topic in greater detail.

Underground Pipe Co. was recently tasked with replacing a cast iron sewer line that was installed behind a massive built-in fireplace. This was at a historic home in Brighton, NY. In order to replace this failing cast iron pipe, a plumber would have had to break out the entire fireplace and all the stone work. Fortunately we were able to provide a solution to this problem without disturbing the concrete. The cast iron pipe was lined and replaced with our trenchless pipe lining equipment. This is just one example of how CIPP (Cured in place pipe) saves residential, municipal, and commercial clients copious amounts of time, money, and difficulty.

There are also many homes in Brighton still utilizing their original sanitary sewer lines. These pipes are plagued with roots, corrosion, and offset joints. These issues cause sewer clogs and backups for the homeowners and are oftentimes quite stressful. Underground Pipe Co. will come and inspect the underground infrastructure to determine the cause of the backups and verify the condition of the pipe. We then replace the pipe from a basement cleanout out to the city's main sewer connection. This is all done without any excavation or demolition, preserving lawns, floors, trees, sidewalks, hardscapes, and asphalt. This method has become extremely efficient using our UV curing Blue Light trenchless pipe lining system. Underground Pipe Co. is able to replace entire sewer laterals in a matter of hours, while at the same time preserving the historic beauty of Brighton and Rochester.

In closing, we reiterate that it is VERY possible to update old infrastructure without disruption to historic areas. It simply takes a different approach, a little technology, and some critical thinking to overcome these challenges. Underground Pipe Co. will continue to offer a different approach to pipe replacement. We would like to thank all of our customers in Rochester and the surrounding areas for allowing us to serve you.

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