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Broken Sewer Pipe? No problem!

A customer contacted us that was having frequent sewer clogs. A plumber had found a couple severe breaks in the sanitary sewer line. We showed up and began setting up our equipment in the customer's basement. After that, we spent a few hours cleaning and prepping the pipe to prepare it for a liner. After the pipe was thoroughly cleaned and flushed, we installed a blue light liner with our CIPP (Cured in place pipe) equipment. The installation process took about 3 hours. We replaced over 110' of residential sewer line in 3 hours! There was no digging or demolition involved, and no mess. We gained access to and replaced the old sewer line using an existing cleanout in the basement. This specific pipe ran under the customer's garage floor and would have cost thousands to repair just that one section. We were able to replace the drain line from the basement, out to the middle of the street in one shot.

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